Amanda James

Amanda James (aka Mandy) was born in Sheffield and now lives in Cornwall with her husband and a cat. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, singing, and spending lots of time with her grandchildren. She also admits to spending far too much time chatting on Twitter and Facebook! Amanda feels most at home walking on the beach and making plots up in her head. A fair amount of these have made it onto paper, and been turned into books.

After a tragic car accident, Samantha is left widowed and bereft. Her husband Adam was everything to her. But at least the home they shared together in Cornwall provides her with some security. Or does it?

Upon returning from a school reunion in Sheffield, where Sam met her old friend, Penny, and an old flame from her school days, Dan, she discovers that Adam had invested money unwisely and she is now penniless.

When Penny and Dan, who are now married, arrive in Cornwall to visit Sam, Dan comes up with a way in which Sam can keep the house. He suggests she turns it into a writing retreat. And he is willing to invest.

Despite his wife's reservations, Dan gets his way but at what price?

Why is Dan so keen to help? Has Sam put herself in harm's way?