Emma Jameson

Jemima Jago Mystery Series - Book 1

Jemima Jago has moved back home to the enchanting Isles of Scilly. Ready for a fresh start in a quaint coastal village, she can be found in the stacks of Cornwall’s oldest library by day and stargazing in the cove at night. Jem finds the slower pace of life suits her perfectly, until she stumbles across a very curious crime.....   

On a hunt for a stolen book, Jem instead finds busybody and notorious gossip Edith Reddy dead in her crumbling clifftop cottage. Maybe the island isn’t as peaceful as she thought! But worse is to come when bumbling Sergeant Anderson decides that, as the first person on the scene, Jem must have been up to no good.  

Book 2 - A Death at Candlewick Castle

Book 3 - A Death at Silversmith Bay

Book 4 - A Death at Neptune Cove