Harry Tangye

Harry Tangye is a recently retired police officer.  Starting as a special in his home town of Newquay he went on to join the Armed Response Unit and became a VIP protection officer. From attending fatal road crashes to meeting the Queen and standing an arm’s length away from President Barack Obama, he has many a story to tell. 

Over his 30-year career with Devon and Cornwall Police Harry never sought promotion higher than sergeant. ‘I wanted the practical side, to be out and about.’ However, he did achieve fame for his missives on social media. His Twitter account, which began in earnest in 2016 and relayed the day-to-day experiences of fellow officers, attracted tens of thousands of followers, a figure that currently stands at over 44,000.  

Treavey is a Cornish police officer who is just out of his probation in 1994 and making it alone in the big wide world of policing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this very much reflects the time and locations of Tangye's own policing experience.