Julie Evans

Julie Evans trained as a lawyer. Julie returned to her native Cornwall to establish her own law firm and to raise her three children. After years building a successful legal practice, it was time for a new adventure and she decided to write the stories she had formulated in her head over the years about her community and the lives of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

A small Cornish town; two women share a past. One a lawyer with no respect for the law, the other a doctor, with no respect for human life; both trapped by rage. What happens when their paths cross and history catches up with them? Can they escape the cages they have built?

Lawyer Claire McBride is a good person. She believes in fair play and operating within the rules but when told by her consultant, the cancer she thought she’d beaten is terminal, she descends into a dark and alien place at odds with her character. Compelled to right wrongs and punish those who have caused harm and avoided justice she seeks to take back ownership of what little life she has left.

She does not know there is someone from her past, far more dangerous than her, who calls the shots. Issy Moran, Claire’s consultant; a bitter, deranged, narcissist, has for years routinely ended the lives of those patients she judges unworthy of treatment.

From childhood she has harboured a grudge against Claire and when by chance, they meet she seizes the opportunity to satisfy her twisted desire to first befriend her and then destroy her.

There are currently three crime thriller books in this series set in Cornwall.

1. Rage

2. Sisterhood of Silence

3. The Bitter Fruit Beneath