Marina Pascoe

Marina Pascoe grew up at Maenporth, a small cove just a couple of miles from Falmouth in Cornwall. An avid Agatha Christie fan from the age of eleven, she always wanted to be a writer...and many late nights were had reading under the blankets with a torch despite her mother's protestations that her eyes would fall out!

1921, Falmouth. Inspector George Bartlett is investigating the disappearance of a young girl, and events take a turn for the worse when a woman is found dead, badly mutilated, on a local beach. Bartlett and his assistant, Constable Archibald Boase, soon realise the woman was a local prostitute, Ivy Williams.

The murder investigation leads the men to the wealthy inhabitants of Penvale Manor House A web of illegitimacy, inheritances, and secrecy is uncovered, and soon the hangman’s noose is swinging precariously over one of the suspects – but have they got the right person?


Meet Inspector George Bartlett and Constable Archibald Boase in this brilliant new series of murder mysteries set in Cornwall in the 1920’s

1. Empty Vessels

2. Too Many Cooks

3. A Fool & His Money

4. The Proof of the Pudding