Sheila Jefferies

Sheila Jeffries, is a best-selling author of SOLOMON'S TALE, and seven other novels. She lives in rural Somerset, and enjoys painting. Being a mum is her greatest joy, and her two favourite words are 'HI MUM.' She wants to make a difference and loves to help people towards living peacefully on our gorgeous planet.

A moving, dramatic tale about a beautiful child rescued from a shipwreck. No one knows who she is or where she has come from, and eight year old Lottie refuses to talk. Adopted by the Lanroska family, she settles down and forms a relationship with the family’s eccentric Cornish grandmother. She makes friends and enjoys the freedom of running wild in St Ives. But who is the artist who is stalking Lottie and who becomes obsessed with painting a picture of her, a painting destined for galleries London and New York? And what strange twist of fate finally brings her face to face with this mysterious man?