Cornish Association of Victoria

A work opportunity for my husband has brought us to Melbourne and we are enjoying all that Melbourne has to offer.

Contacting the Cornish Association of Victoria was high on my list, and we attended the meeting held on Saturday 22 October at West Preston. There were around 20 members present and we were given a very warm Cornish welcome. The programme for the afternoon was a talk by Neil Thomas on his ancestor “James Martin – Locomotive Engineer” that was enjoyed by all and prompted several questions at the end.

At the meeting I presented the president Brian Rollason with a copy of our Cornish Association 60th anniversary booklet to add to their library & research centre. I was given the opportunity to speak about how the booklet came about and the contribution made by our members. With no further items for discussion the meeting was closed, and everyone enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea.

Judy Wright

October 2022