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Cornish people left their homeland when tin and copper mining went into decline from the late 1800s. They have settled in countries all over the world ever since and continue to do so. There are many people in NZ who can trace their family back to emigrants who came here for a new life. The are some who came here for the same reason not so long ago. There are others who are attracted to Cornwall because of its beauty and culture. We all like to acknowledge that there is something special about Cornwall and its people.

A booklet celebrating the 60th anniversary of the NZ Cornish Association was published in December 2022. It captures the history in just 43 pages. Download a copy by clicking on the picture.

Where are we?

There are members all over New Zealand. There are two concentrations of members in Christchurch and New Plymouth/Taranaki who have formed branches of the national association. Contact details are below.

Biennial general meeting 2023

You can read the formal reports presented at the meeting held in New Plymouth on Saturday, 13 May 2023 by clicking on the following links.

President's report        Secretary's report        Treasurer's report        Draft minutes

Upcoming Meetings - 2023

Christchurch Cornish Association 

Saturday 10 June @ 2pm at St Paul’s Church Hall, 21 Harewood Road, Papanui.

What do we do?

We love Cornwall. We hold meetings to talk about Cornwall, issue newsletters with all sorts of information about Cornwall, make and eat Cornish food, enjoy Cornish music and celebrate everything and anything to do with Cornwall. Find out more about Cornwall by clicking HERE.


You can read the past few newsletters here. Select from this drop-down list.


Visit our GALLERY to see the sort of thing we get up to.

Like to join us?

Our contact details are below if you would like to email or phone one of us. Alternatively click HERE to go get more details of membership.

Contact us

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National Association

President: Judy Wright

+61 426 867 197

Secretary: Nick Bartle

027 578 8568


President: Jeanette Beaumont

03 3329869


Secretary: Carol Cowling

06 7583750