Joining us

You are welcome to join NZ Cornish. There are three options.

National membership

Wherever you live in NZ you can become a national member. The subscription is $10.00 p.a.

Membership entitles you to received our regular newsletters (6 a year) and to come to our national meetings on alternate years, participate where you can in our decisions and hold office, if you would like.

Please complete the membership form below.

Branch membership

We have two branches - one in Christchurch and one in New Plymouth/Taranaki. They meet more often. In the case of Christchurch there are meetings almost every month.

Joining a branch includes national membership and gives you the additional benefit of enjoying the activities and friendship of the branch.

To join a branch please contact them direct - see the contact details on this page.

Life membership

Life membership is equivalent to national membership (see above) but a one-off subscription of $100.00 gives you membership for your life without any further annual subs.