Pictures from the May Bi Annual AGM Held in Christchurch

Pasty lunch is always a favorite with the members

A wonderful display of Cornish Bards past and present associated with the Christchurch branch

As its May month it must be Helston Flora!! – With music provided by Heather and friends. Some of the more energetic members had a go at the Furry Dance

Musical Entertainment

The AGM makes a start with Heather acknowledging Nick Bartle (the national secretary) as the latest association member to be honored in the list of Cornish Bards for 2018

Pictures from the August Christchurch Meeting

Long standing members David and Olwyn King cut a cake on the double occasion of Olwyn’s birthday and their 70th wedding anniversary

Adding to the collection of Cornish songs that the members have been learning and enjoying each month. Heather leads the members in the song “The Sweet Nightingale”

The meeting had an island theme...

Guest speaker, Bert Walker, gave a talk about a holiday in the Chatham Islands.

We couldn’t let the occasion go by without reminding everyone about our beautiful islands off the coast of Cornwall – The Isles of Scilly. A video had Julia Bradbury on a 5-mile circular walk of St Martin’s, before island-hopping to Tresco..

Isles of Scilly themed table decorations

Our three current bards (L to R):

Heather Mitchell-Gladstone - KERNEWES ILOWEK

Nick Bartle - DEN AN SOTH


Learn more about Gorsedh Kernow

Pictures from the November Christchurch Meeting - The theme for the meeting "The Enjoyment of Books"

Guest speaker, Renee Blackburn from the “Book Discussion Scheme”

Our masked crusaders!!

Keeping with the theme of books. The members watched a video book review by Simon Savage. These books were chosen by the Duchess of Cornwall for season one of her "Duchess of Cornwall's Reading Room.

Jennie delivering the pre packed teas